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I am super embarrassed about the amount of books I have read this year. I am well on the way to doing better in 2012.

14. Daytripper by Fabiola Moon & Gabriel Ba: The life of BrĂ¡s de Oliva Domingos. I can't really say much without ruining it, but my mind was blown. It was the best thing I read all year, hands down.

15. Ain't She Sweet? by Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Small town Queen Bee bitch comes back to face the music. It's actually pretty good. I read it in one night.

16. DMZ: On The Ground vol. 1 by Brian Wood and Ricardo Burchielli: Another American civil war has broken out and a rookie photojournalist has been dumped into the middle of it. Really good.

17. Wild Cards vol. 1 edited by George R. R. Martin: I read this for the first time when I was 11. I realize now upon re-reading it, that probably wasn't such a good thing, hahaha. What can I say, I was precocious. It's an alternate universe where an alien virus is dropped on earth in the 1940s. Like a poker game you draw a card; ace = super hero, deuce = weaksauce power, joker = hideously deformed, nat = natural/normal, black queen = dead. I love this series. It was the first to really pull me in to SF. It's engrossing, but since there's many different authors some of the stories are better than others.
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