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Posted on old glitter, something I found when I was looking for another post.

It's about buddhism and religion.

I am a lifelong buddhist that went to a christian church as a child. I think that it's important to learn about all religions because there is light and knowledge that can be gained from all of them.

I just want to say that buddhism is a philosophy to use as a guide to your life. It's not nessarily a religion like many people think. It is very easy to be both a christian and a buddhist. They share many philosophies.

If you want something, you can buy it, that's okay. It's when your desire for something overtakes your life and makes you sad that you can't have it, then it becomes an issue. That's why desire causes suffering, because you spend your time obsessing over this item instead of being more pro active with your life.

It's nice that you want to help others, but they have to find the path for themselves. It's like when I pray, I pray mostly for my family and friends, but that isn't going to bring them closer to god or stop them for being so materialistic. Concentrate on yourself and the other things should fall together.


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