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26. A Feast For Crows by George R. R. Martin: A lot of new characters, but only half the old ones. (The other half are in the next book). As the title alludes, a LOT of people die. The kingdom is falling apart. King's Landing is a mess, and it's mostly Cersei's fault. Jamie is becoming a man of honor. The Wall is melting, and trying to find a new Lord Commander. The Iron Island is trying to find their new king (or Queen). Dorne is trying to find a king (or Queen). The Eyre has a new protector. Sam is making his way to the Citadel. Brienne is still questing. Arya is hanging in there. Tyrion kills his father!

27. A Dance of Dragons by George R. R. Martin: Returns to the other half of the characters. Dany is trying to figure out how to rule and tame dragons. Everyone's favorite Imp is bumming around. Jon is trying to figure out how to command. Theon is back. The other Greyjoys are having adventures. Bran is finding out more about his powers. Quentyn Martell is trying to man up. It was good, just long. And I don't mind reading long books, it just needed to bed edited down.

28. It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips: Hmm, much more fucked up then I remembered. A woman inherits a football team from her estranged father. If they win, she keeps the team, if not then her cousin inherits the team. All the while, she's dealing with a jacked up coach, PTSD, and a world that thinks she's a dumb bimbo.

29. The Heiress by Jude Devereux: A wealthy, cloistered heiress goes on a trip to meet her groom while trying to experience life and ends up falling in love. I love this book. It's cute and funny.

I read twice as many books as last year! (2011 weak year for reading.) Very good especially considering 1/3 of them were almost 1000 pages each!
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