Jan. 28th, 2012


Jan. 28th, 2012 03:41 pm
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1. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins: I read this over a year ago, but with the new movie coming out soon I wanted to re-read it. Just as good as the first time.

2. Fables vol. 15: Rose Red by Bill Willingham, etc: It had been a while since I last read this and I needed a refresher before reading the new volume.

3. Fables vol. 16: Super Team by Bill Willingham, etc: The fables team up as superheros in a last ditch effort to beat the Dark one.

4. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams: What can I say about one of my most favorite books of all time? Don't panic and bring a towel. Actually, there was one thing to say ... OMG, Arthur Dent is THIRTY. I am now THIRTY. I read this when I was in middle school and he seemed so old, and now I am the same age. crazy.

5. Natural Born Charmer by Susanne Elizabeth Phillips: Cute story about an footballer and an artist that end up taking a road trip together. Hi-jinx ensue at his new farm vacation home.


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